Vireo 3.0 released on Github

The Texas Digital Library is pleased to announce that the latest version of its thesis and dissertation management application — Vireo 3 – has been released on GitHub, along with documentation for installation.

While Vireo 3 adds new functionality to the Vireo system, student, faculty and administrative users will be able to continue to use the upgraded version without any changes to configuration.

Overview of New Features in Vireo 3:

  • Revised Needs Corrections workflow: Vireo 3 includes a more intuitive student workflow for submitting corrected manuscripts, including better validations to minimize student errors.
  • Email: Vireo 3 adds the ability to set up rules for sending automated emails to configurable groups of stakeholders.
  • Reporting and Exports: Vireo 3 allows administrative users to create custom, exportable Excel reports by using saved filters and columns. It also includes the addition of the Action Log to a file export package.
  • Multiple submissions: Vireo 3 overhauls the functionality for allowing multiple submissions by a single student. Specifically, it adds more sophisticated validations to prevent students from creating a new submission for the same degree, while allowing legitimate multiple submissions (for different degrees) by the same student.
  • Embargoes: Vireo 3 adds a separate, optional embargo period for submissions going to ProQuest.
  • Custom Action Checklist: In Vireo 3, administrative users have the ability to filter an ETD list by individual Custom Actions. Additionally, Vireo 3 can be configured to display certain Checklist items in the student view.

Additionally, Vireo 3 features:

  • An ADA-compliant student submission interface
  • The integration of ORCID researcher IDs into the student workflow
  • Several bug fixes

Vireo 3 Acknowledgements:

This new release of Vireo was made possible by the hard work of the Vireo Users Group and Vireo Developers Group, with particular thanks going to Texas A&M Libraries, as well as Vireo Users Group co-chair Stephanie Larrison, who served as the product owner for this development cycle. Below is a partial list of those who contributed to the success of the latest development cycle:

  • Vireo Developers Group: Gad Krumholz (Texas Digital Library); James Creel, Micah Cooper, Jeremy Huff, and Jason Savell, as well as Doug Hahn and Mike Bolton (Texas A&M Libraries); Drew Heles (Johns Hopkins University); William McKinney (Harvard Library); and Thomas Misilo, (Florida Institute of Technology)
  • Vireo Users Group Co-Chairs Stephanie Larrison (Texas State University) and David Reynolds (Johns Hopkins University) as well as other members of the VUG steering committee: Heidi Winkler and Joy Perrin (Texas Tech); Laura Spradlin (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign); and Ryan Steans (Texas Digital Library)
  • Vireo Users Group members who made requests and voted on new features​
    More about Vireo for ETD Submission and Management:

Documentation on the new features in Vireo is forthcoming and will be announced to the listserv as soon as is available.   If you find any bugs or have problems, do not hesitate to get in touch with TDL support.

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