Notes from VUG Meeting

A meeting of the Vireo Users Group took place on September 27, 2016 at the USETDA conference in Columbus, OH led by me and Ryan Steans, Assistant Director of Texas Digital Library. We talked about the organization, history and current status of Vireo development, and a super quick tour of Vireo 3 for those who came to learn a little more about Vireo and are considering adoption.

During a Q&A we learned that most of our users are on Version 3, but some are still on a version of Vireo 2. Vireo 3 brought several new features (custom emails triggered by change of status; ORCID integration; customizable columns and filters for use in working with submissions, exporting, and reporting; ability to make custom action checklist items visible to student; and many, many, more improvements and fixes) so we highly recommend that you use the latest version.

There was also a lot of interest in how institutions handle their embargoed submissions. Vireo does not automatically release documents at the expiration of an embargo. So the choice of whether to keep the entire submission in Vireo, or whether to export the submission to your IR but hide everything except the abstract and metadata, is up to the discretion of the institution.

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the meeting. If there are any conversations you would like to continue, please feel free to bring them up here.

Stephanie Larrison

Co-Chair, Vireo Users Group
Electronic Resources Librarian
Texas State University


Report on VUG Meeting at USETDA 2015 Conference

The Vireo Users Group reached a milestone with record turnout (standing room only) at the Users Group meeting on September 30th at the USETDA 2015 Conference held in Austin, TX. In addition to many current Vireo users, many first-time attendees expressed an enthusiastic interest in learning more about how Vireo could work to their benefit.  The growth in numbers of institutions choosing to adopt Vireo as well as the incredible rate of development is something I am truly excited to see and experience.

Kristi Park, Executive Director of Texas Digital Library (TDL), shared the highlights from the TDL Metadata Working Group’s report and updated guidelines for ETD metadata.  A link to the report is available at    Although the report and guidelines are for ETDs in general, we are fortunate that the group took a close look at Vireo and made recommendations to more closely align metadata output with the new guidelines, and these recommendations to update mapping of specific existing fields will be included in the next Vireo release.   The VUG Steering Committee will review the remainder of the recommendations before requesting feedback from the Users Group.

On behalf of the VUG I would like to extend our thanks to the members of the TDL Metadata Working Group who devoted a significant amount of time and research over the past year to complete this project:  Kara Long (Baylor); Colleen Lyon (UT-Austin); Sarah Potvin (Texas A&M), Chair; Monica Rivero (Rice); Santi Thompson (UHouston).

Gad Krumholz, Senior Software Engineer at TDL, provided an update on the current development of Vireo 4.  TDL and Texas A&M are partnering to rewrite Vireo using the Spring Framework.   I am delighted to report that one of the most anticipated and requested enhancement requests will be included in Vireo 4:  the ability to create customized submission forms and workflows based on degree level or other factors.

Watch the listserv for announcements of upcoming development demos.  The sprint cycles are scheduled through mid-December and the release is expected in Spring 2016.

VUG Annual Meeting: Details and Proposed Agenda

The Vireo Users Group (VUG) will hold its annual meeting on April 30 in Austin, the day following the close of the Texas Conference on Digital Libraries. Anyone currently using or interested in using Vireo for managing submission and publication of theses and dissertations is welcome to attend.

To register for the VUG Annual Meeting, please click here. (There is no cost to attend.)


Date: Wednesday, April 30
Times: 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM
Location: Perry-Castañeda Library, Room 1.124 (UT Austin campus)


The meeting will serve as an opportunity to provide updates on the status of Vireo use and development and talk about Vireo-related projects, Including planned new development on Vireo, and the VUG’s role in guiding that development. Below is a list of tentative agenda topics for the meeting.

Tentative Agenda

  • Welcome
  • Attendee Introductions: Discussion of versions of Vireo deployed at VUG institutions
  • Ratification of VUG bylaws (PDF)
  • Vireo/ProQuest export documentation
  • ETD Metadata Working Group
  • TDL-sponsored software development (including update on open-source developers group, processes for incorporating code by non-TDL developers, submission of  feature requests and bug reports)
  • Discussion/brainstorming session: new feature requests
  • Processes for new feature prioritization and next steps

The Vireo Users Group exists to guide future development of the open-source Vireo software application and to provide avenues for the exchange of information about Vireo development, needs, and utilization. More information about the Vireo Users Group is available on the VUG website at

Questions about the meeting can be directed to the VUG co-chairs Stephanie Larrison ( and David Reynolds ( or to the Texas Digital Library (

New VUG Bylaws

The Bylaws have been reviewed by the Vireo Users Group and modified based upon the feedback. A portion of Section 3 has changed

from “Only those with current installations of Vireo may vote on the prioritization of needs.”

to “Only those members at institutions currently using Vireo may vote on the prioritization of needs.”

This edit should make it clear that institutions may vote regardless of which version of Vireo they are currently using.

VUG Bylaws rev-draft 04.01.2014 is available now and will be ratified at the VUG meeting on April 30th in Austin, TX.

New VUG Bylaws — open for comment

Proposed bylaws for the VUG are now ready for review and comment. Members of the VUG are invited to provide comments and questions no later than February 28, 2014.

The new bylaws are intended to more clearly articulate the relationship between the VUG, developers, and the Texas Digital Library and to define our mission, goals, and organization.

The draft of the bylaws are here and comments or questions can be submitted at All responses will be kept confidential so please feel free to provide suggestions and constructive criticism. Keep in mind that we are still a young organization so the bylaws are not exhaustive.

We will close the comment/questions period on February 28th and the VUG Steering Committee will review the comments and make amendments as needed. A final revision will be sent out to the listserv by April 1st, followed by final ratification by voice vote at the VUG meeting on April 30 following the TCDL conference in Austin, TX.