Administrative Interface Overview

Vireo Admin Interface

The Vireo Administrative Interface is used by graduate office personnel and sometimes librarians to manage ETDs from the time they are submitted to the time they are published in an institutional repository. The ETD workflow includes various states that the ETD can exist in from “Submitted” to “Published.”

The Admin Interface is organized in four tabs that appear across the top of the screen: List, View, Log, and Settings.

List Tab

The List tab is the default tab when a user logs into the system. When all filters are turned off, the List tab will show every ETD in the system, regardless of its status.

The List Tab

From the List tab, users can:

  • Filter the list by various criteria
  • Save or manage filters
  • Sort the list by column
  • Add or disable columns in the list
  • Search for ETDs by keyword using the search box
  • View a specific ETD record by clicking on any field within a row/record in the list
  • Perform advanced actions, such as exporting metadata or complete records in various formats and performing batch operations on a filtered set of ETDs.

View Tab

When a user selects a record on the list tab, they’ll be taken to the View tab, which shows the record for a specific ETD submission.

The View Tab

On the View tab, a user can:

  • Edit metadata elements
  • Assign the ETD record to himself/herself (or if an Admin Manager, assign the record to another user)
  • View or add comments to the Action Log
  • Add a reviewer note
  • Send email to a student or faculty advisor
  • Look at and manage/replace the primary ETD file and supplementary files
  • Change the submission status of the ETD.
  • Check off an item on the Custom Action Checklist
  • View the Faculty Review page that a students committee member uses to indicate approval of the ETD

Log Tab

The Log tab lists every action taken on any ETD record within the system.

The Log Tab

On the log tab, users can:

  • Filter the log by certain criteria to limit what appears
  • Sort the log by column (by clicking on the column header)
  • Search the list using the search box
  • Go to an ETD record (View tab) by clicking on the fields within the desired row/record.
  • Change what criteria appear in the “Filter Further By:” section by clicking CUSTOMIZE FILTERS in the “Filter Options” section in the left sidebar.
  • Change what columns are visible in the Log by clicking CUSTOMIZE VIEW located near the top of the screen under “Action Log.”

Settings Tab

The Settings tab includes a number of optional settings that control how things appear both in the administrative interface and in the student submission interface. A few settings are configurable by Reviewers; others require Manager or Administrator access to alter.

The Settings Tab

The Settings tab includes six sub-categories of configurable options:

User Preferences: Allows any administrative user to configure certain elements of the View tab.

Application Settings: Allows Managers and Administrators to control certain global elements of the application including:

  • When the system is open to student submissions
  • Certain ProQuest settings
  • Submission licenses
  • Custom Action Checklist
  • Deposit locations (for published ETDs)
  • Access Control/User Management

Submission Settings: Allows Managers and Administrators to customize the student submission form.

Theme Settings: Allows Managers and Administrators to customize the look and feel of the application.

Email Settings: Allows Managers and Administrators to edit and create email templates.

Configurable Settings: Allows Managers and Administrators to customize the data that appears in the student submission form as choices for certain fields (including the list of embargo options, colleges, committee member types, etc.)