Initial Submission

Vireo 2.x Student Submission Interface

Generally speaking, students will interact with the Vireo system on two occasions.

1)      When they submit their thesis or dissertation initially.

2)      When and if they need to submit a corrected document or documents.

Initial Submission

Starting a Submission and Logging In

Generally, students begin their submission on the Vireo welcome screen (shown below). The Vireo welcome screen will be found at the following URL: https://[name of your institution] For example, To begin, click START YOUR SUBMISSION.

Welcome screen for student submission

Students using a TDL-hosted Vireo installation will be taken to the login screen for their institution. (See article on Shibboleth authentication for more information about configuring Vireo with Shibboleth.)

Step 1: Verify Your Information

Once logged in, students will start the 5-step submission process, beginning with Step 1: Verify Your Information.

Some fields on this screen will be auto-populated with information stored with the student’s login information, as seen in the image below. These auto-populated fields are not editable by the student; however, Vireo Reviewers and Managers are able to edit these fields once the submission is in the system.

Student information verification page

Students should fill out the remaining fields on the “Verify Your Information” page.

Fields marked with an asterisk are required. If a student fails to fill out a required field, he/she will get an error message when trying to move to the next step.

Help info

Instructions for filling out the forms throughout the submission process are found in the yellow “sticky notes” in the right margin of each screen. (These sticky notes are editable in the Administrative interface for Vireo.)

Additional help about each field can be found by hovering over the information icon to the right of each input box. (See below.) This help text is also editable in the Submission Settings for Vireo.

Student affiliation

When done with the “Verify Your Information” screen, students should click SAVE AND CONTINUE at the bottom of the screen.

Once a student clicks SAVE AND CONTINUE, he or she can close the submission and come back to it later, with any entered information having been saved. If a student leaves this page before clicking SAVE AND CONTINUE, his or her work will be lost.

Step 2: License Agreement

Step 2 of the submission process asks students to agree to a license agreement that allows the university to publish their theses and dissertations.

Vireo provides a default license agreement. However, this agreements is editable in the Vireo Application Settings.

Students can indicate their agreement with the license by clicking the checkbox and then clicking SAVE AND CONTINUE.

Note: If a student fails click the license checkbox, he/she will get an error message when trying to move to the next step.

Step 3: Document Information

In Step 3, students will be asked for information about their thesis or dissertation, including a title, abstract, keywords, and committee member names.

Several fields in the Document Information section – including the Abstract field – can be expanded to accommodate large chunks of text.

To expand the Abstract field, click on the triangular cluster of dots in the bottom right corner of the field and drag it to increase the size of the box.

Committee Members

Depending on how the Committee Members fields are set up in the Configurable Settings, students may select the role of each committee member from the Roles dropdown menu. These roles are customizable in the Configurable Settings.

Students have a default of four slots for committee members but may add more by clicking ADD ADDITIONAL MEMBERS.

Previously Published Material

If the student has previously published material, they must indicate this by clicking on the box next to PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED MATERIAL. They then must identify the published material in the box that appears.

Embargo Options

Depending on how Configurable Settings are set up, students will have the option to select a temporary or permanent embargo on the publication of their theses and dissertations.

These embargo types are fully customizable in the Configurable Settings of Vireo.

Faculty advisors will be given the chance to approve or reject the embargo option selected by students.

To proceed to Step 4, students will click SAVE AND CONTINUE.

Step 4: Upload Your Files

In this step, students upload their theses and dissertations. Depending on how the Vireo Submission Settings are configured, students may also be asked to upload:

  • Supplemental Files (e.g. audio-visual files or datasets that are typically published with the primary document)
  • Source Files (e.g. the Word document used to create the manuscript. When the ETD is published, this may be included for preservation purposes.)
  • Administrative Files (e.g. signed graduation release forms. These files are typically never published with the ETD and are kept in Vireo).

Requiring students to submit the above file types is optional, and can be configured in the Submission Settings.

Upload the Primary Document

To upload the primary manuscript, click BROWSE and navigate to the document.

Uploading your ETD

Next, double click on the document or click open.


Vireo will assign a new file name to the document as shown below. Students have the option at this point of replacing the document with a new file by clicking REPLACE MANUSCRIPT and uploading a different file.

Primary document upload

Upload Additional Files

To upload additional files, select the type of document from the “Additional Documents” dropdown menu.

Uploading additional files

Next click BROWSE, navigate to the document and click OPEN.


Click SAVE AND CONTINUE to move on to Step 5.

Step 5: Confirm & Submit

In the final step of the submission process, students are asked to review the information and files provided in the previous steps.

Confirm and submit ETD

Students have the ability at this point to edit any of the fields or replace any documents by clicking on the “edit” links at the bottom of each section of this screen.

Students may also return to any step in the submission process by clicking on the arrows at the top of each screen.

Changing to different steps

Once all information is verified, students should click CONFIRM AND SUBMIT to complete the process.

They will then see a “Submittal Complete” screen.

This screen shows a message from the graduate office that is customizable in the Theme Settings.

Submission completed

Students may view the submission’s status by clicking on VIEW SUBMISSION STATUS.

Students can see all of the submission information…

Post submission student view

…including an activity log listing any actions taken on their ETD.

Student ETD activity