Known Issue: Manuscript Replacement

Resolved in Vireo 3.0


Student users of Vireo 1.8 have experienced problems when asked to resubmit a revised manuscript. These problems are primarily due to lack of clarity  in the interface design at at least two points of the “replace manuscript” workflow.

  1. First, the student should click REPLACE MANUSCRIPT and upload the replacement document only once. Some students, after uploading the replacement document, are clicking on REPLACE MANUSCRIPT again, thinking this is what they need to do to complete the process.
  2. Second, after uploading the replacement document, the student must click COMPLETE CORRECTIONS at the bottom of the screen in order to complete the process and change the status of the ETD to “Corrections Received.”

Correct Workflow

Below is a description of the correct workflow for a student when he or she needs to replace a manuscript with a revised version.

Replace Manuscript Workflow

1.  The student logs in and sees the View Application page. A red box at the top of the page explains that the student must upload a new manuscript.

Needs corrections flag

2.  The student scrolls down to the “Uploaded Files” section and clicks REPLACE MANUSCRIPT. This causes two things to happen:

    1. The original primary document is archived. (But there is no new primary document to replace it yet.)
    2. The student is taken back to the top of the screen, where they see a message that says “A primary document is required.

3.  The student scrolls back down to the “Uploaded Files” section, browses for the replacement file on his/her computer, and clicks upload. (Note: The new file is now in the system, but the status of the ETD has not changed.)

4.  The student is taken back up to the top of the page where he/she sees the same red “Needs Correction!” box that appeared at the beginning. The student must scroll down to the bottom of the page and click COMPLETE CORRECTIONS for the process to be completed.  If the student does not click COMPLETE CORRECTIONS, the status of this ETD will not change in the admin side of the system, and Vireo administrators will not be alerted that the manuscript has been replaced.