Configurable Settings

Configurable Settings

Configurable Settings allow users to create controlled vocabularies that appear as dropdown menus in the submission forms.

Form fields for which controlled vocabularies can be created are:

  • Embargo types
  • Colleges
  • Programs
  • Departments
  • Majors
  • Degrees
  • Document Types
  • Committee Member Role Types
  • Graduation Months
  • Languages

Configurable Settings are found under the right-most tab under Settings in the Administrative interface.

Settings Tab

Creating and Editing Controlled Vocabularies in the Configurable Settings interface

General instructions

To edit a list click on the category you wish to edit to expand that option.

Available Fields

Add items to a list: Users can add new items to the list by either clicking ADD NEW to add items one at a time, or by clicking BULK ADD, to copy and paste a list (with each item on a separate line.

Edit existing list items: Users can edit existing list items by clicking on the pencil icon next to a list item, making the correction, and clicking the check mark to save the change. (Click the “x” to cancel any changes).

Available Colleges

Delete items: Remove items from a list by dragging the item over to the trash can icon.

Sort items alphabetically: Users can alphabetize any list by clicking the “alphabetize” link.

Instructions for specific fields

Embargo Types

The Embargo Type section lets users create and define embargo policies, from which students can choose when submitting their theses or dissertations. (A student’s faculty adviser must approve the embargo choice).

To create new embargo types, click ADD NEW and enter information about the embargo policy, including:

  • Name of the embargo policy (i.e. “Patent Hold”)
  • Description of the policy
  • Whether or not the option will be displayed to student submitters
  • Whether the embargo policy is for a determinate or indeterminate length of time
  • The duration of the embargo (if determinate).

Click ADD EMBARGO to save the new embargo policy.

Delete an embargo type: To delete an embargo type, go to the SETTINGS tab and the “Configurable Settings” sub-tab. Click EDIT for the embargo type you wish to delete. Then click DELETE EMBARGO at the bottom of the popup screen.

Reorder embargo types: In the list of Available Embargo types, drag and drop the embargo type rows into the desired order. The changes will save automatically

Committee Member Role Types

For Committee Member Role types, users must name the role option that will appear to students (e.g. “Chair”) and associate that role type with a degree level (e.g “Doctoral”).

Committe Member Role Types

Note: Committee member role types from outside a supported list may not function as expected in the export formats (i.e. metadata for non-standard role types won’t be included in exports or publication via SWORD to an institutional repository). The supported list of role types are: “Chair”, “Co-Chair”, “Supervisor”, “Co-Supervisor”, “Advisor”, “Department Head”, “Director of Research”. Any role outside this list will be ignored by the built-in export formats.