Submission Settings

Vireo Submission Settings

Vireo Submission Settings allow users to customize the student submission form. This includes:

  • Designating submission fields as Disabled, Optional, or Required. Each field can be set to Disabled, Optional, or Required. Disabled fields are not collected from students, while Optional fields will be displayed to students but they will not be required to provide the data.
  • Customizing field labels: Each field label can be customized for the student interface. This allows for some institutions to repurpose fields for slightly different data. Note: The label on these fields are only modified for students; elsewhere in the administrative interface the field will still display its original pre-defined name.
  • Customizing field help text: During submission, students can get additional information about any field by hovering over the “info” icon to the right of the field (see image below). The help text displayed for each field can be customized in the Submission Settings tab.

Info Button

  • Customizing “sticky notes”: The sticky notes shown on the right column during the student submission process may be updated. Vireo Managers may update the text, or add / remove notes.

Customize Submission Fields

To customize the student submission form, go to the Submission Settings tab. You will see four sections correlating to the first four steps of the student submission process.

Customize Submission Settings

To customize fields for a given section, click on that section to expand it.

Expand Fields
Select a field by clicking on the plus sign next to the field label. Use the form provided to designate whether the field is Disabled, Optional, or Required; Edit the Display Label; and customize the Help Text that appears for students. When finished, click CLOSE. Your changes will be saved.

Enable/Disable Fields

List of All Possible Student Submission Fields


  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Birth Year
  • Grantor
  • College
  • Program
  • Department
  • Degree
  • Major
  • Permanent Phone
  • Permanent Address
  • Current Phone
  • Current Address

License Fields

  • Institutional/TDL license agreement
  • UMI Release (applicable only if sending to UMI/ProQuest)


  • Document Title
  • Graduation Date
  • Defense Date
  • Document Type
  • Abstract
  • Keywords
  • Subjects
  • Language
  • Committee Members
  • Committee Contact Email
  • Published Material (Allows author to identify previously published material which may require additional copyright review.)
  • Embargo Type (Request a delay in publication. Options are customizable.)


What types of files will you require students to upload?

  • PRIMARY MANUSCRIPT (Required. Must be PDF.)
  • Supplemental Files (Any file type. Typically published with the manuscript.)
  • Source Files (Original thesis file. May be published for preservation purposes.)
  • Administrative Files (Typically never published with the document and remains in Vireo.)

Customize Sticky Notes

Within each “page” of submission settings, administrative users can configure “sticky notes” that appear in the right column during the student submission process. These notes highlight key information to help students complete the process. Some notes are included by default.

To edit a note, simply click inside the note and edit. Your changes will automatically be saved.

To delete a note, click the “x” in the upper right corner of the note.

To add a note, scroll down below the last note and click “Add sticky note.” Add text to the new note by clicking inside the note and typing. Your changes will automatically be saved.

To reset all sticky notes for a submission page, click the “Reset stick notes” link at the top of the notes. Click “are you sure?” to confirm.

Sticky Notes