Tour of the Settings Tab

Vireo Settings

In the Admin interface, Vireo offers a number of optional settings that control how things appear both in the administrative interface and in the student submission interface. These settings are found under the Settings tab.

Under the Settings tab, there are six possible sections: User Preferences, Application Settings, Submission Settings, Theme Settings, Email Settings, and Configurable Settings.

Settings Tabs

Not all administrative users will see all four of these tabs when they log in.

  • Regular administrative users will have access to only one of these sections: User Preferences.
  • Administrative users designated as “Managers” or “Administrators” will have access to User Preferences plus five additional Settings categories: Application Settings, Email Settings, and Configurable Settings.

The rest of this document will discuss what settings are included in each of these four tabs.

Settings Available to All Administrative Users

User Preferences

The User Preferences section, administrative users can control default options for adding notes and attaching files in the View tab.

User Preferences

Manager/Administrator Settings

Administrative users designated as Managers or Administrators have access to the following settings in addition to User Preferences:

  • Application Settings include a number of global settings for Vireo, including:
    o   Opening/closing submissions;
    o   Institution-level Proquest/UMI settings;
    o   License agreement information;
    o   Custom Actions Checklist;
    o   Setup of deposit locations;
    o   User management/access control
  • Submission Settings allow users to customize the student submission forms.
  • Theme Settings allow users to customize the look and feel of the Vireo application to match brand standards at their institution. Users can also add pre- and post-submission instructions under Theme Settings.
  • Email Settings allow users to configure certain email options and create and edit email templates.
  • Configurable Settings allow users to create controlled vocabularies that appear as dropdown menus in the submission forms. E.g. users can create a list of available majors from which students can choose. Users can also customize embargo types and durations under Configurable Settings.