Uploading a Corrected Document

The Vireo interface used by students remains largely the same as in previous version of Vireo. However, Vireo 1.8 does contain some improvements in the information provided to students when the graduate office requires that they resubmit a corrected document. The changes are intended to reduce student uncertainty over whether he/she has successfully uploaded the corrected document.

If a grad office administrator has flagged a submission as “Needs correction,” the student will see a screen like the one below when they reenter Vireo:

Needs corrections status

When the student clicks the EDIT button, he/she is taken to the View Application screen, where he/she can upload a corrected document. The screen will provide instructions, highlighted in red, for uploading a corrected document. (See figure below.)

Needs corrections application view

The student can replace the ETD using the upload tool on this screen and selecting “Complete Corrections” at the bottom of the screen when finished.

The student will be asked to confirm that he/she has completed the replacement and will then see a screen confirmation indicating that corrections have been successfully submitted.

Corrections submitted view

The instructions included on the final “Corrections Submitted” screen are editable by Managers in the Theme Settings section of the Admin interface.